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Registration: 5V-TPO Model: Fokker 28-1000
Manuf. serial #: 11027 First flight: 18/2/1971 00:00:00
Airline/Operator: Air Togo Delivery date: 23/2/1998 00:00:00
Name: - End of life: stored GABS MALI
Engines: RR Spey 555-15 Added by: Planespotter.org
Ex-operators: Aviaction/Itavia/Pars Air/Air Alsace/AFR/TAT/LIT/TAF/PMK/SIC/LIB/AIK Last updated by: GARY LYNAS Click here to update this aircraft
Prev. Registrations: D-AHLA / PH-ZBG / EP-PAS / F-GBBX / 5Y-AXH
Other: stored GABS MALI

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