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Garuda Indonesia

As a national airline of the Republic of Indonesia, Garuda envisions itself to be the leading airline in Asia. We operate 49 aircraft (including 5 F-28 operated by Citilink), many the latest models available, carries almost six million passengers a year and employs almost 9,000 people.

With a vision to be a successful airline based on complete customer satisfaction, we focus our efforts in attaining high levels of safety and comfort. We have recently received certificate from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for the GMF's capability to conduct world-class standard of aircraft repair and maintenance. In addition, we are awarded the "Punctuality Intercontinental Airline Award" from Amsterdam Airport Schipol.

We are committed to helping Indonesia achieve take-off points in its drive towards First-World status. Playing a role as an agent of development, we are actively supporting the government's policy of lessening reliance on oil and the development of tourism and airfreight. We have long been a driving force behind the remarkable development of tourism in Indonesia. Additionally, we are providing access from major overseas markets to all parts of the archipelago, simulating travel through vigorous promotion and pioneering development of tourist facilities.

We support the government's objectives for national development through our flight routes, hotel and tourism subsidiaries. Dedicated employees who are determined to see the company evolve into a major Asian airline support us. The performance of Garuda now shows that not only has management successfully rescued and revived the airline, it has also discovered the right concept needed to manage the company.

Information obtained from Garuda Indonesia. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

Garuda Indonesia logo

Based: Indonesia
Homepage: www.garuda-indonesia.com
:: Fleet (75)

9 x Airbus A300
6 x Airbus A330
30 x Boeing 737
7 x Boeing 747
12 x Fokker 28
6 x MD DC-10
5 x MD DC-9

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