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Alaska Airlines

Things havenít changed that much over the years. Alaska is still differentiating itself: offering more flights than any competitor in almost every market it serves; providing a superior level of customer service; and pioneering technologies that improve on-time performance and expand safety margins. And the awards just keep on coming.

Every time the history of commercial aviation is written, people ask how an obscure little airline in Americaís hinterland has continued to survive and thrive while once-proud giants disappeared. Grit and determination will be part of the answer.

But more than that, itís the people. Their caring. Their resourcefulness. Their integrity. Their professionalism. And their spirit - the unique spirit of The Great Land where the airline was born.

Information obtained from Alaska Airlines. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

Alaska Airlines logo

Based: Alaska, USA
Homepage: www.alaskaair.com
:: Fleet (121)

5 x Boeing 727
81 x Boeing 737
35 x MD-80

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