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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines' mission, as the flag carrier of Turkey, is to provide air transportation services in order to:

  • Pioneer the country's attempts to penetrate world markets
  • Connect all regions with a certain passenger potential within Turkey
  • Serve as a bridge between the Turkish Republics of Central Asia, the Balkans, the Middle and Far East, the Americas and Europe
  • Act as a leading technical service provider for the aviation industry.

Information obtained from Turkish Airlines. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

Turkish Airlines logo

Based: Turkey
Homepage: www.turkishairlines.com
:: Fleet (101)

7 x Airbus A310
6 x Airbus A320
12 x Airbus A321
1 x Airbus A330
7 x Airbus A340
14 x Avro ARJ
3 x Boeing 727
46 x Boeing 737
3 x Fokker 28
1 x MD DC-10
1 x MD DC-9

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