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Virgin Blue

Virgin Blue is based on the idea that people would fly a lot more, if it cost a lot less.

You're just buying the flying.

Virgin Blue took an innovative look at lowering airfares. If you can get to your destination in no time, who needs all the extras? Without the superficial, we can lower operating costs dramatically and pass the savings on to you, while focusing on what matters most - quality service, consistently.

Where the money should go.

We'll never compromise on what's essential: experienced pilots, qualified ground personnel and maintenance that's nothing short of top-notch.

What you won't find in our low fares.

  • The cost of tickets.

    It costs money to print, mail and process tickets. What you'll get instead is a booking number when you make a reservation with us (you should keep this number secure). Simply quote this number at airport check-in, and present your photo i.d. to collect your boarding pass.

  • The cost of airline lounges.

    Our view is expensive add-ons such as these that follow the standard business model are hardly essential during a short commute. Our new lounge concept allows you the choice to use it at your own leisure, and staying true to the Virgin Blue ethos of only paying for what you use at a reasonable price.

  • The cost of "free" meals.

    Everyone jokes about airline food, but the biggest joke is with other airlines, you're paying for your "free" meal in the cost of your ticket. At Virgin Blue, we respect your right to choose what you pay for, so we offer a range of refreshments to purchase.

  • The cost of fancy offices.

    You won't find us with exclusive addresses, nor do we work in glamorous offices. We prefer investing in innovations that save you money. Like our easy to use website which means you can book online 24-hours a day. Our site uses the latest encryption technology to protect your personal details.

  • The cost of running many types of aircraft.

    While the big airlines spend money training staff to fly and maintain many types of aircraft, we concentrate on just one -- modern Boeing 737 jets. Our pilots, flight attendants and engineers are experts in our aircraft - which means operations and maintenance remain efficient and focused. Not only is our fleet quiet and environmentally-friendly, it's younger than that of the big airlines.

 Where We Have Come From

Virgin's colourful beginnings.

Fresh from the success of running a student magazine in London, Richard Branson founded Virgin as a mail order record company in 1970 at the age of 20. What inspired the name? "I was a Virgin in business."

Things have changed quite a bit since. Today, the Virgin Group has expanded into international 'Megastore' music retailing, book and software publishing, film and editing facilities, clubs, travel, hotels and cinemas through 300 companies worldwide in 25 countries, employing over 35,000 staff.

Virgin is the only brand in the world to transcend such diverse product categories. Each business operates independently under separate management structures. What ties us together are the leadership, vision and values we share.

In 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways took to the skies, offering top service to passengers flying from London to New York. Today, Virgin Atlantic is the second largest British longhaul international airline.

In the late '90s, Virgin changed the skyscape of travel once again in the form of Virgin Express, the European low fare airline. Never before had flying been so affordable.

This is the foundation of Virgin Blue, Australia's new low fare airline, set to revolutionise air travel in Australia.

Information obtained from Virgin Blue. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

Virgin Blue logo

Based: Australia
Homepage: www.virginblue.com.au
:: Fleet (85)

62 x Boeing 737
4 x Boeing 777
6 x Embraer 170
13 x Embraer ERJ

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